Profile of Pergerakan Difabel Indonesia untuk Kesetaraan (English)

Pergerakan Difabel Indonesia untuk Kesetaraan (Indonesian Diffability Movement for Equality) or PerDIK wasestablished on June 11, 2016 in Makassar, capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. PerDIK was legally registered in front of a public notary, Dewi Ardiana,Dahlan, SH., M.Kn, on January 27, 2017.

Movement Chairperson           : Ishak Salim, PhD

Cellphone Number                   : +628124106722

Email                                        :


Kompleks Dosen UNM

Jln. Pendidikan 1 Blok B5 No. 8
Makassar 90222 Indonesia

No. Telpon dan E-mail Organisasi

(0411) 862331 – 08124106722

Facebook: @bp.perdik

Twitter   : @media_perdik

Website  :

Vision and Mission Statement


We believe injustice against the diffable (Indonesia, Difabel) is the core or roots of all ignorance over the majority of Difabel in various sectors of life. This unfair treatment is largely based on hegemonic medical (health) perspectives in construing the physical body of a person, which we call Disabling Politics. As a result, these viewpoints have encouraged the flawed practices or STIGMATIZATION upon the Difabel. The stigma is a series of processes that include: [1] disability labelling [2] incapacity stereotyping [3] normalcy-based exclusion, and [4] ignorance of the rights of the Difabel.

To fight the injustice, PerDIK  is taking important roles in the DE-STIGMATIZATION and political empowerment of Difabel in Indonesia. The de-stigmatization is a process of dismantling the disability labels, rejecting the stigma of being ‘sick’ and ‘incapable’, demolishing the segregation walls, and eliminating the discrimination practices against Difabel.

This de-stigmatization efforts will be accomplished by deploying the political empowerment scheme of Difabel groups. Empowerment will begin with strengthening the internal aspects of awareness building on the diffability identity (power in), the technical capacity or individual skills (power to), the ability to cooperate, build alliances and network (power with) to achieve the maximum self-reliance of the diffable.


Following its vision statement, PERDIK is mandated to embark the following missions:

  • Conduct research or critical studies as the basis of assessing the context that the diffability movement is facing and identifying short and long-term solutions.
  • Develop and strengthen local diffability organizations to be self-reliance ones and capable of contributing to social transformation;
  • Organize critical education processes for Difabel to accelerate the social transformation movement;
  •  Coordinate and develop network and collaboration with various parties to encourage synergies and promote social movement towards equality and welfare for Difabel.

PerDIK Experiences in Diffability Inclusion Programs

  1. Critical awareness raising of the diffable/Perdik partners through regular public discussions and publications using PerDIK produced media. 
  2. Developed cooperation in campaigning and mainstreaming the diffability perspective to government or non-government sectors.
  3. Cooperation with the Technology University of Sulawesi (UTS) to initiate the establishment of the Center for Disability Studies.
  • Collaborated with a number of organizations concerned on disability issues both at the national and international level, such as with the Local Eelection Commission (2016-2018), Bulukumba District Government (2018), SIGAB (2016 – 2018), OHANA (2017-2918), ISJN – SJYC (2018), etc
  • Quick responses to any information on violation of the diffable rights both identified through the mass media and internal reports of the Diffable Advocacy and Organizing Program
  • Encourage the Takalar Local Election Commission to accommodate an accessible Local Election process for the diffable voters.
  • Accomplished the 2016 Beyond the Boundaries Diffable Expedition (in Latimojong Mountain, 3478 mdpl, 5th highest in Indonesia) and 2017 (Sesean Mountain in Tana Toraja)
  • Etc.[]

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